Woolmark x Helly Hansen Performance Challenge

The four sections of the Woolmark challenge include an idea pitch, background research, personal background and idea development. The main aspect of the competition, the idea pitch, should include an innovative solution or a blue-sky idea using Merino wool. Further, the idea development takes the pitch forward into the specifities of the idea into a feasible end product. 

Personal Values

Growing up in the state of Punjab in India, where the environmental impacts of the fashion industry have had a significant impact on human health just to keep up with the growing demand opened me up to the negative effects of the fashion industry on the environment. Due to this, my appreciation for the environment has heightened especially after seeing such a pure environment such as mine degrade before my eyes in the matter of 10 short years.

"Over 20 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans every year"

Idea Pitch and Mission Statement

A 100% carbon, water, and waste neutral swimwear collection made with recycled wool, hemp and nylon. This swimwear collection is a combination of elegant design and sustainable innovation. It aims to give back to the ocean by using the plastic pollution of bottles and fishing nets and transforming them into swimwear.

With a goal of being a 100% socially and environmentally responsible in the production of these swimsuits, this collection with be created from a blend of 3 sustainable textiles: Australian Merino Wool, Hemp, and Recycle Nylon (Econyl). 

Background Research


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The Blend

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Color Palette

Natural Dyes:

  • Minimal environmental impact

  • Renewable and Biodegradable

  • Provides higher UV absorption


Hand Embroidery is an intricate needling art that primarily focuses on motifs inspired by nature from India.


Today, in the midst of the coronavirus, migrant workers in India who are dependent on the textile industry have lost jobs and homes. As this is a skilled job that many India workers are experts at, I want to incorporate this aspect of Indian culture in order to give these workers jobs as well a cultural aspect to swimwear like it's never been seen before.

Market Oppotunities

Some of the major players in the swimsuit market include: American Apparel Inc. , Arena Italia, NoZone Clothing Limited, La Perla Group

Higher demand to be seen specifically in the Asia-Pacific region in fast developing countries such as India and China

Comfort of the swimsuit with special attention given to convenient cuts is given top priority in buying decisions

Target Consumer

Our aim is to create a women's global community of conscious consumers despite their age, race or size. This collection will be focused towards creating a healthy female community by offering swimwear to anyone and everyone in hopes to influence people around the world to care for their environment.

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