Borbonese: Savoy Faire

The main focus of this project is to develop a strategic plan for the implementation of the Borbonese brand in a new international market and design a global marketing strategy for the launch of the capsule collection inspired by the ancestral handmade textiles of Sardinia.

Further, analyze the brand’s existing marketing and positioning practices to make strategic recommendations and propose entry strategies for new markets.

The strategy focuses on positioning, competitors evaluation, brand image and key message, digital presence and mixed media campaigns.

About Borbonese

Borbonese is an historic Italian brand that specializes in accessories and ready-to-wear. It was founded in Turin in 1910 particularly for its skillful combination of expert craftsmanship, sophisticated manufacturing techniques and fine materials. Borbonese is renowned for its visual logo, the O.P suede. 

Savoy Faire: Heritage and Craftsmanship

Savoy is a cultural-historic region in Europe, shared among France, Italy and Switzerland including the regions of Turin and Sardinia. It is known to be the longest surviving royal house of Europe. 

The Savoy Faire collection embraces the ancient tradition of Sardinian textile art which is developed by the women in the Savoy region. 

New Market Entry Strategy into Sweden

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Political Risk Index: 

Sweden is in the top tier with a stable political and economic environment with very low risk. Italy is relatively unstable with a higher risk. 

Democracy Index:

Sweden is among the top 3 countries in the world with a well regulated electoral process and well respected laws.

Happiness Index:

Sweden is among the top 10 countries in the happiness index with a ranking of #7. 

The Swedish Market

Time required to start a business: 8 days

Fashion Industry Turnover: 30.5 billion USD in 2018

The largest share of sales is generated in the retail and wholesale trade-- 43% of total sales

Loyalty for locals and European brands

A large online presence: $9.8 billion spent online in 2017

Many Swedish consumers prefer to buy over the physical counter as seen through large investments in malls and physical stores.

Annual expenditure on clothing: 8.9 billion dollars

Annual expenditure on footwear: 1.5 billion dollars

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The major competitive landscape for Borbonese in Sweden consists of brands such as ATP, Ganni, and Acne Studios.

The Athena Bag: Designed by Oihana Lasa and Eva Guillen

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Material: OP Suede with a black jacquard lining with light-gold plated metal hardware

(Also available in calfskin leather)

Price: 500 Euros


The Athena bag is named after the Greek Goddess Athena - She is known for being the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill - every skill that we want the Borbonese woman to have today, our Borbonese woman is a feminist.

One of symbols that accompanies Athena is the "Owl of Athena" - the symbol of wisdom. This is fitting as one of Borbonese's four symbols is also the owl.

Our campaigns will be centered around the relationship between mother and daughter, and experiences being passed down from generation to generation

We will be giving 3% of profit to charities and nonprofits preserving the environment. Sweden is a very environmentally conscious nation, and we want to represent the causes they believe in.

Mode of Entry: Direct Export

Influencer Marketing:

Featuring micro influencers of Sweden: higher engagement

Physical Advertising:Posters, sponsored posts, events and product placement

Department Stores:

Place our bag at the most renowned Swedish department store: NK ( In Stockholm)- important to create a space for consumers to buy over the counter

Pop-Up Stores:

Affordability, Short term Commitment, Brand Extension

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Gifting as a Marketing Tool

Our influencer gifting campaign will allow Borbonese to leverage 3 macro- influencers and 2 micro-influencers, with highly engaged, loyal audiences.

Gifting empowers influencers to create and share authentic content about Borbonese that connects with their audiences.

Campaign: Post COVID-19

Our first campaigns will embrace the relationship between a mother and daughter, both elegant and modern.

Inspired by the 'Dolce and Gabbana' family style campaigns, we want to play around with the idea of trust and family heritage.

The Italian culture is centered around family and sharing, which we want to imply in The Scandinavian culture as well, which goes hand in hand with the idea of a new and modern Borbonese. 

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Mother-Daughter Approach

We want to stress that the bag can be borrowed between the two and passed on to either the mother or the daughter.

What if both get tired of the bag?

Borbonese will have vintage pop up stores once in a while where you can resell the bag at their desk. The customer will be notified in their email when the pop up stores are occurring.

Target Clientele

Age: 24

Occupation: Works in a creative agency

Income: $47K

Interests: Hiking, traveling, shopping from high end vintage stores

Favorite Brands: Acne Studios, APC, H&M

Following: @mvp, @nycbambi, @endlesslyloveclub, @orionvanessa

Age: 56

Occupation: Interior Designer

Income: $120K

Interests: Shopping, eating out with friends, exercise and wellness

Favorite Brands: Ralph Lauren, Armani, Filippa K

Following: @myscandinavianhome, @homeadore, @elledecor, @gwynethpaltrow

Launch Event at the Embassy of Italy in Stockholm

Embrace both Swedish and Italian Culture 

By launching the event at the Italian embassy in Sweden, we want to embrace both cultures. The embassy has in the past had few events to show their support of Swedish companies without having to pay for the space.

Invites to only Mothers and Daughters

The invite is only to mother and daughters, as Sweden is not under lockdown, we will follow the guidelines of the city - invitations to 50 people.

Embrace the Bond Between Mothers and Daughters

The event will include a little gallery of the polaroids photos taken by chosen mother and daughters.

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In collaboration with Borbonese, Heather Blair and Chloe Schuterman