Spring 2020

Woolmark X Helly Hansen Performance Challenge

The Woolmark Challenge is based on developing innovative, forward-thinking product solutions for the sports and performance market, by harnessing the unique natural properties of Australian Merino wool keeping in mind brand identity and market needs.


Spring 2020

"Savoy Faire": Collaboration with Borbonese

A research project with an aim to set up a marketing and communication strategy to launch and promote the 'Borbonese Special Bag' inspired by the Sardinian Tapestry tradition through a new global market entry. 


Spring 2020

Retail Innovation in India's Growing Luxury Sector

This project focuses on innovative and sustainable ideas based on the geographical needs of India. Being one of the largest growing economies, it conceptualizes the needs of our target Indian consumer into an authentic retail space.


Spring 2020

Disabilities in Smart Cities: Collaboration with Deutsche Telecom

The key focus of this project is at the intersection of disabilities and smart cities. It explores how Paris can leverage inclusive design to improve the quality of living for inhabitants experiencing disabilities.

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Fall 2019

Chanel in the Making: A Stance Against Counterfeits

This project tackles the issue of the $1.7 trillion counterfeit market through finding innovative solutions for Chanel while also considering its historic brand identity and DNA. 


Fall 2020

Financial Report: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of LVMH vs. Kering

This report consists of a horizontal, vertical and ratio analysis of LVMH and Kering's financials in an aim to analyze the company's progress over time.


Fall 2020

Eugène Riconneaus: Marketing Strategy and Brand Revival

The key focus of this project is to renew the marketing strategy and positioning for Eugene Riconneaus through a global perspective in consideration of his specific brief and product offerings. 


Fall 2020

Sensing the City: A Guide to Paris' Natural Wines

Curated by my experiences in Paris, this sensory tour guide explores the city of love through one's sense of taste, smell and sight. Follow this guide to learn more about Paris through it's natural wines!