Eugene Riconneaus

The goal of this project is to revive the marketing strategy for Eugene Riconneaus through designing a full marketing plan, key strategies, positioning, marketing channels, tactics & activities and measure of success.



A key issue tackled in this project is the balancing between two of Eugene's brands, one being his namesake 'Eugene Riconneaus' for women's shoe wear, and other being 'UNDUN' specifically catering to the men's skateboarding community. Being two brands with such different identities and target audiences, a fundamental question within this project was the consideration of forming an umbrella brand in hopes to bring the two together. 

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Forming an umbrella brand named, Ecru, with a combination of the two brand identities of Eugene Riconneaus as well as UNDUN. As the two brands have very different customer bases, we believe that it would be a good idea to combine the two in order to collectively increase it’s consumer base as well as have a stronger, more united brand DNA with a clearer focus.

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The New Website of the Proposed Brand 'Ecru'

Social Media Marketing

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Target Audience

  • Between 16 to 35 years old

  • No gender restrictions

  • Disposable income of at least $18000 a year

  • Support for female empowerment and and authenticity

  • Global citizen

Customer Journey

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Value Proposition

Offering authenticity and creativity through each shoe that matches the creative concept and genuine techniques of the unique art pieces: "Every shoe becomes an art piece"


Providing the customer with a sense of community that relates to streetwear, social issues and female empowerment.

Marketing Goals

  • Expand into an international market

  • Raise broader social issues

  • Increase consumer base

  • Increase audience engagement with interactive customer experience

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Marketing Channels


  • Magazine features (Vogue, Harpers  Bazaar, Fashion Magazine

  • Online mediafeatures (BoF, Fashionista, The Cut)

Social Media

  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Weibo, Youku, Little Red Book


  • Online

  • Print

  • Third-Party

  • E-Newsletter


  • Pop Art installations

  • Social Events

  • Gallery Openings

  • Interactive installations

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Limited Edition Creative Recommendations

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A skateboard collection combining the art and signature crown of Eugene Riconneaus with the skateboarding aesthetic of UNDUN.

Measures of Success

  • Sales: Increased sales in regions other than Asia and Middle East as that is already existing

  • Website visits and orders

  • Social media traffic: 300K followers, 1000 likes per post and 50 comments per post

  • Number of media coverage and features

  • Number of people that attend the events

  • Customer happiness leading to good reviews

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In collaboration with Anne Chen